Logistics company Containerships relied on Vintor's help in switching to a cloud-based IT infrastructure. The significant 35% cost saving will help Containerships to maintain its market competitiveness on top of all the other benefits brought by the technically advanced solution.

Containerships is known for its advanced operations in the market. At the heart of flexible logistics is a functioning flow of information between the company's bases in 19 different countries, the carriers and customers. IT support services also need to be able to respond to the business challenge by reliably providing a flexible IT environment everywhere.

Vintor was responsible for moving the over 30 servers and 50 applications used by Containerships to the cloud. This included databases and tools for ERP and reporting.

"Older applications can also be moved to the cloud, making them part of a seamless cloud service for end users – available from one log-in," says Vintor's Jari Jalonen."
"According to our estimates, our IT costs will fall by about 35% a year now that we no longer need physical infrastructure," says Containerships' Business Systems Development Director Samu Vaahtera."

On top of cost savings, the new cloud-based infrastructure offers more flexibility, e.g. in developing new services and operating models for Containerships' clients.