Glaston Corporation decided to bring its critical information infrastructure into the age of the cloud. This was the most important IT project for Glaston in 2016, transferring 25 servers from a service provider data centre to the cloud, integrating 15 servers into them and ensuring the operation of over 50 integrations for the Windows Azure cloud platform. Vintor was responsible for planning and implementing the transfer project.

Glaston’s transition to a cloud-based infrastructure was a demanding and unusual project. The transfer of 25 servers, the integration of 15 server functions into them, and the transfer of over 50 integrations contained in the overall information system, were managed as a single operation. The transfer covered nearly all of Glaston’s business-critical systems, such as the SAP and financial administration systems.

"It tells something about the importance of this migration, that our factory production would have stopped, if the new environment wouldn't have worked properly. There was no room for errors, says Juha Kaljunen, CIO of Glaston."

A period of 12 weeks was scheduled for the transfer project, with Vintor taking charge of both planning and implementation. The idea was to divide the project into transfer batches according to the client’s priorities and technical requirements, with a view to transferring the risk-prone integrated overall system over the final weekend. Vintor’s data network expertise kept the transition on schedule.

Glaston’s Juha Kaljunen is satisfied with the smoothly managed project to transfer business-critical systems onto the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Savings, convenience, security and power from Azure

Switching to cloud services from a conventional data centre operated by a service partner yields fundamental cost savings, because a cloud only charges for the capacity in use at particular times. A cloud service also centralises overall data security and administration.

"Aside from the benefits of centralisation, we have also heard favourable comments from the staff about the transfer and the new cloud platform. For example the runtime for one of our SAP reports was cut to around a fifth. We have been delighted with the Azure platform, Kaljunen says."

"This project shows that the entire information system of a listed company can be securely transferred to Azure,” explains Chief"

Finding the critical path and bringing the project home

Kaljunen has nothing but praise for Vintor’s project management and customer service expertise:

"The specialists at Vintor knew the project requirements and were able to solve emerging problems swiftly and professionally. Communication also plays a major role in managing such a large-scale project, with the Vintor team managing to tackle the critical issues promptly and take responsibility for timetabling."

"This challenging project could not have succeeded without smooth co-operation with the client, so we also owe considerable gratitude to the Glaston team. Our strong network expertise has proved to be a very significant benefit in transferring systems to the cloud, explains Vintor Program Manager Harri Henell."

Glaston’s Juha Kaljunen is satisfied with the smoothly managed project to transfer business-critical systems onto the Microsoft Azure cloud.