casekone is one of the leading companies in its field and offers its customers advanced lifts, escalators and automatic doors in buildings as well as a range of solutions for their maintenance and repair. KONE's aim is to offer the best user experience by developing and providing solutions that enable people to move through buildings smoothly, safely, comfortably and without delays in an increasingly urbanised environment.

Vintor Oy consults on and supports KONE's phone-based lift monitoring system in 15 different countries in which KONE operates.

Monitoring system network connections up to date thanks to Advania Care Proactive

The long-term partnership between KONE Oyj and Advania started in the early 2000s when KONE was looking for a new development and maintenance partner for the network connections of its monitoring systems.

Long-term collaboration continues ever closer. Advania is currently systematically updating systems that are becoming outdated; consulting on, designing and supplying network architecture and components for monitoring systems to meet KONE's changing needs worldwide. Advania uses Cisco's high quality routing equipment and solutions.

KONE has additionally signed up to the Advania Care Proactive support service. Our experts are also constantly engaged in cooperation, holding quarterly meetings on status reports and action plans.

Long-term collaboration and expertise bear fruit

KONE has been satisfied with the professionalism of Advania's experts. With years of experience, Advania is highly familiar with the environment and challenges that its customer faces and is capable of working flexibly as a long-term trustworthy partner of a large international organisation.