What is included in the Advania Marketplace?

Advania Marketplace gives you access to over 1,000 cloud services in a common interface. You get an overall picture of all the solutions, technically and economically. And you get flexibility and cost control that makes your business more efficient.

The services come from the industry's leading suppliers and the number is growing all the time. A high degree of automation in the platform ensures that the solutions you choose are in operation in minutes.

Full overview of the company's licenses and cloud services - gathered in a portal

Advania Marketplace is a portal where you can collect all purchased licenses and cloud services in one place. Advania Marketplace includes services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Skykick. More will be added continuously. 

For those who handle the purchase and administration of user licenses - with the Advania Marketplace you get full overview of your business licenses and cloud services. Everything is gathered in a portal and you receive a neat bill every month

Advania Marketplace is at the forefront and has been rewarded for being Europe's best Marketplace at Ingram Global Cloud Summit 2018.

Why the Marketplace?

IT is no longer a support function, but a central part of any business.

Therefore, IT managers should spend less on checking that the "lights are on", keeping the basic systems running, but rather spending more time uncovering what business opportunities are in the business.

When IT is purchased and used as services instead of as hardware in its own data centers, the IT department can become a strategic part in digitizing the company.

With today's technological development, it is no longer relevant to make long-term plans and agreements. Change is ongoing and the entire business, including IT, must be prepared for rapid technological changes. This applies to both capacity, cost and functionality.

IT as a service from the Advania Marketplace has the features that suit modern business models. The platform increases accessibility, frees up resources and strengthens the security of the company's overall IT environment.


  • Quick access to relevant IT services
  • Easy to scale up and down licenses when needed
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of the company's IT services
  • All licenses and services are collected on one invoice
  • Pay as you go - pay only for what is used
  • Can include locally-run IT - like a private cloud