Advania is primarily a service company and we are proud of the passion of our staff. We are genuinely concerned with technology and how you as a customer should be able to utilize it the best possible way. Therefore, our consultants work every day to renew, simplify and improve the business of our customers.

Consulting services

Advania's advisors are not only related to the system being delivered, but equally embedded in understanding the processes that are central to your business.

Advania employs a number of certified professionals whose mission is to provide clients with advice and help them identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

We meet our customers with years of industry experience and the ability to listen and uncover the needs that are unique to you.

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Cloud services

Advania delivers a cloud-based business platform and cloud-based solutions. With this we can guarantee that the solutions are quickly scalable and always upgraded - in step with the developments that take place at Microsoft and in relation to the market's needs.

The platform we offer is highly adaptable and can be easily scaled. The basic idea of cloud-based solutions is precisely this - that businesses can scale up and down with changing needs.

Our consultants practice systematic and continuous competence enhancement with partners. This enables us to change ourselves in line with market needs and the development of new technology.

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Most of the companies as struggling with digitalization. We in Advania have been working with digital transformation for a long time. Digitalization is about technology, processes and culture. We can provide solutions for Digital presence and provide tools for new ways of communicating with customers. We can provide solutions that will place customer in the centre of your business and give you tools for better decision making.

The digitalization of business is not always a simple process, but it can bring great benefits. In addition, the market forces this and the company which fails to do so will probably have problems in maintaining its competitiveness.

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We focus on a close and long-term relationship with our customers and we understand that our customers have different needs and that these change over time.

We can offer a comprehensive management service that is adapted to ever-changing needs. We encourage you to learn about the benefits of outsourcing your company's information technology business in part or in full.

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Advania Marketplace

Advania Marketplace gives you access to over 1,000 cloud services in a common interface. You get an overall picture of your entire IT environment, both technically and economically, and at the same time the flexibility and cost control required to work efficiently today.

The services come from the industry's leading suppliers and the number is growing all the time. A high degree of automation in the platform ensures that the tools you choose form an effective whole.

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