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What you need to know about Zero Trust in 2024

Webinar: What you need to know about Zero Trust in 2024

Zero Trust is not a new concept but with today's threat landscape and regulations like NIS2 it is more relevant than ever before. Listen this webinar to learn about the latest innovations that help you to keep your environment secure and your users and customers productive and engaged.  In this webinar Advania's Lead Architect Peter Giesa and IT Manager Jonne Andersson will explain why it is essential to manage identities, devices and the network layer with well integrated platforms and how real-time automation enables new use cases and optimizes your workflows. 

We also cover, how Privileged Access Management allows you to embrace your network of partners and suppliers by granting them access to just the resources they need in a modern and secure manner.

Webinar is in English.

Peter Giesa, AdvaniaJonne Andersson, Advania