Partnership Cyber security 02.01.2023

Advanced locking solutions need robust security – Abloy deepens its partnership with Advania

Advania and Abloy have agreed to deepen their cooperation. Advania will take over the platform and database services for Abloy's critical customer environments and ensure the cybersecurity of the services. Abloy, on the other hand, focuses on developing its own digital and security-critical services.

"The demand for smart digital security and locking solutions is growing all the time. At the same time, the importance of cybersecurity is growing," says Katja Kuusela, Head of Service Operations at Abloy.

Locking and access control technology has developed strongly over the past few years. Smart locks are becoming commonplace Physical keys are now being converted into digital keys and it access is possible, for example, on a mobile device.  Access control is increasingly in the cloud, and through a single system, access to a wide variety of premises, from office buildings to parking garages, can be controlled.

"With Advania taking care of our application platforms and cybersecurity, we can focus on our own key competence: developing modern locking solutions and services. The services must be safe, but also easy to use," says Kuusela. "Advania's service brings us resilience and ensures the continuity of our business."

The partnership between Advania and Abloy has been going on for years, and the now expanding agreement covers the round-the-clock management and monitoring of critical IT services, as well as database services. At the same time, two experts will transfer from Abloy to Advania as old employees.

"Our good cooperation has borne fruit, and closer cooperation is a natural continuation of the development. We warmly welcome the experts who are transferring to us from Abloy," says Janne Herkama, Chief Operating Officer at Advania Finland.

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