Managed Services

A functioning and current IT infrastructure also reduces data security risks.

Managed Services

Comprehensive IT environment maintenance and management services

The IT infrastructure can be thought of as a road network along which the needed information travels to the right place. If the road is in a bad condition, progress is made difficult and becomes unsafe. The road must be maintained so the business's functioning capability is not endangered. A functioning and current IT infrastructure also reduces data security risks.

The managed services cover base formed by the IT infrastructure upon which the business's digital services are built. It is a question of necessity, which forms the functioning platform for different applications. The applications as a whole form the business's IT environment.

Advania offers a comprehensive amount of different managed services including cloud solutions, hybrid cloud services, data center services, data security services and network services - also fully outsourced. Additionally IT environment maintenance is part of our services. Maintenance services are comprised of e.g. taking care of workstations as well as maintaining and monitoring servers and local networks.


Cloud Services

Comprehensive cloud computing management and maintenance, which we implement according to best practice, from private to public cloud, traditional data centers and hybrid environment.

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Protection of Business Services

What happens when blackmail or malware strikes? How fast is data recoverable? Advania specialises in designing, implementing and integrating high availability solutions for the entire data centre infrastructure. 

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Network as a service

A new and rapidly changing environment requires agile policies and transparency between operating results and solutions. As needs grow and become more complex, the high-performance and measurable network architecture is the stone foot of activity.

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Data security services

We help prevent network threats and security attacks to keep your company's data safe.

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End user Services

The right kind of IT hardware, applications and comprehensive IT support that fits employee needs will make work more efficient and improve in-work comfort.

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Managed Services

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