IT device life cycle management

Centralized equipment management and care.

IT device life cycle management

Lifecycle Management from Purchase to Retirement

Correct IT devices suited to employee needs enhance working and improve workplace satisfaction. Who would want to spend to the working day complaining about equipment faults? We help you select suitable IT devices for your business and take care of disposing of them at the end of their working life.

Together we go through the needs and working methods of your organisation's employees. We recommend suitable devices and agree the solutions to be used with you. We take care of installing the devices on site and remove the old ones respecting data security and the environment. The service is available cost-effectively throughout Finland.

Our service, designed and scaled for different needs, covers the entire lifespan of the device from procurement to data-safe recycling. Our service for the need-specific devices includes procurement, online sales, buffer storage, preinstallation, security marking, delivery and installation on site, software packages, upkeep, data-safe recycling, buy-back as well as leasing options. We guide the devices' ongoing fluid usage in a new and smart way.


Workstations as a service

During the contract period equipment purchasing is easy and convenient from our online store. You can choose the services that suit you from our wide selection and the devices are delivered for use quickly.

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We recycle decommissioned equipment responsibly and in a data-safe manner in accordance with the latest good practices.

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Financing services

Sometimes it makes sense to finance purchases in other ways than injecting the business's cash flow. We help technology purchases with assistance from our trusted financing partners.

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