Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for even the most demanding IT solutions and document management implementation projects.

Consulting Services
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Consulting Services worldwide

We design, integrate and realise a scalable and safe infrastructure to support business needs.

We answer our clients' business needs with the help of data technology solutions. We have extensive experience in the cost-effective realisation of large scale and demanding high value projects in the public as well as private sector. 

Our specialisations include architecture, data security, data transform and database expert consulting, integrations, auditing, project know-how, virtualisation solutions and standardisation solutions.

Advania's certified professionals will map your needs and recommend best of breed design and architecture with all-inclusive deployment services. Our experts have master cloud environments and local implementations as well as hybrid solutions.

Technologies: Microsoft, IBM, HP, iManage, Citrix, Checkpoint, ITIL.

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Document Management


Businesses benefit significantly when their expertise and intellectual capital are harnessed in effective use via artificial intelligence and document management - and are protected with the best possible data security.

iManage technology is at the core of Advania LegalTech, which offers the leading document management, data security and AI solutions to lawyers. Our experts carry out the commissioning, consulting, support, training, customisation and license sales of products in the iManage environment. We have mastery of locally implemented installations as well as cloud environments with more than 20 years' experience.

In addition to all iManage products we offer a wide range of both licences and services for iManage ecosystems. Litera, DocAuto, Prosperoware and Sysero are among the technology partners we offer. Any document management requirement can be fulfilled with the help of our partners' products.

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IT consulting

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