Advania is a Nordic full-service IT company with more than 1,400 professionals serving customers in more than 30 countries. We offer our customers a diverse and integrated range of solutions and services as well as innovative and high-quality know-how. The focus is on long-term customer relationships and providing the best service on the market.


Advania assists thousands of customers, multinational companies, governments and public institutions, large, small and medium-sized businesses in all parts of society. Advania has its roots back to 1939 when an Icelandic entrepreneur founded an office equipment workshop in Reykjavik. In the following decades, three separate branches of IT companies developed in Iceland, Sweden and Norway. In 2012, the companies were merged and Advania formed.

Advania's comprehensive services include business IT infrastructure, digital work environment and Managed Services. In Finland, we are an exceptional developer, unifier and administrator of cloud services. Multi-cloud management, Azure, data center services, digital work environment, contact center solutions, security solutions, and comprehensive user support combined with development and expert services are our core competencies. 

We always help our clients from strategy development to plan implementation and maintenance. Our professional staff is committed to developing our customers' business and increasing value in long term. Our key strengths are an in-depth understanding of our customers' business and strategic challenges, as well as flexibility in project implementation. 

"The way we work is fast and flexible. Besides finding the best solution for each individual customer, the cornerstone of our operations is our rapid reaction to customer needs, sometimes in the face of surprising situations." - Sami Grönberg, CEO.