case study


case study

Advania delivered omnichannel customer service solution for Forenom

Nordic hospitality sector pioneer Forenom replaced its contact center solution with Genesys Cloud. Deployment was smooth and integrations with other systems became easier. Visibility to how different service channels are performing also improved.

Forenom is a leading provider of furnished accommodation. It maintains over 7800 furnished apartments, residential or extended-stay hotels, and hostel rooms in all the major cities of the Nordic countries, providing accommodation for over 400 000 travellers annually. Therefore, an efficient and reliable customer service is critical to making the business operation successful.

“Our customers may find that a need for temporary accommodation may arise at very short notice when, for example, there is water damage in their own home. In such a case, it is important that is easy to contact our customer service and that it provides service that is both friendly and professional. The tools used by customer service should be appropriate (fit for purpose) so that we can concentrate on providing the customer with a trouble-free service”, says Quality Director Jenni Määttä.

What type of solution did Forenom use previously?

Previously, there was a telephone system at Forenom as well as various other service channels distributed among different environments. The technical solutions were separate and difficult to integrate with each other, which made sharing of information and the merging of work practices problematic.

Having investigated alternatives, Forenom decided to commission the cloud-based Genesys Cloud solution from Advania. The solution did not require any software be installed in the customer service workstations so the adoption was particularly easy. The solution was also rapidly scalable, which is important for us as growing company”, reasons Raija Vahrusheva, Director, Customer Service.

The Genesys Cloud contact center system was delivered to Forenom in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark as a complete cloud service covering telephone, e-mail, chat and social media channels in its customer service centre as well as integrated into its Salesforce customer relationship management system.

The easy-to-use system has exceeded expectations.

Raija Vahrusheva praises Genesys Cloud's versatile interfaces and ease of integration with other systems:

“For example, it is possible to connect the telephone with the customer relationship management system. This makes the work of a customer support person easier than before and customer services more seamless. When a telephone call arrives, the customer support person automatically sees the relevant case from Salesforce and customer data is easily retrieved from the system for use. In addition, messages that have arrived from WhatsApp and Facebook are fed directly into the contact center’s routing system, which makes service faster.”


Heikki Hemmi, Director, Customer Experience, Advania Finland
Email: heikki.hemmi@advania.com
Phone:  +358 40 552 9532

Raija Vahrusheva, Director, Customer Service
Email: raija.vahrusheva@forenom.com
Phone: +358 44 269 4667

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