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Ensure the efficiency of your cloud services
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Cloud services

Everything you need to ensure the efficiency of your cloud services

The provision of cloud services is a highly skilled and resource-intensive exercise. Our cloud services give customers access to a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform via a local, national or global data centre or a public cloud such as Azure. 

Advania offers a sliding scale of management and monitoring for its cloud services. It is the customer’s choice whether to outsource all elements of cloud management to Advania, manage the platform internally or go for an option somewhere in between.

Support is available 24/7, but the customer is free to choose their own service hours. 

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud can be set up on the customer’s premises, in Advania’s data centre, in a public cloud environment or across all of the above. Services are managed using a dedicated tool that has the capability to access and control different cloud environments.

Public cloud

The competence of our experts covers every aspect of the world of public cloud from cloud strategies to user-friendly public cloud-based work environments, regardless of the technology.

Virtual data centre

A virtual data centre is a flexible and cost-effective way to secure self-managed access to virtual server capacity and fast connection speeds. A virtual data centre can replace a physical server environment altogether, or it can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing set-up or a public cloud service.

Data centre services

Business-critical solutions require high availability and the best possible performance and information security. Our high-availability data centre services are designed to deliver cloud-based capacity scaled to the customer’s needs as well as an excellent standard of service at a fixed monthly fee according to usage.

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Cloud services

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