Intranet Communication and teamwork 15.09.2021

Internal communication across the whole organisation enabled by a user-friendly and modern intranet solution

Vahanen is a Finland-based technical consulting organisation in the construction and property industry, offering a wide range of services relating to, for example, property development, engineering and life-cycle management. Advania has been Vahanen’s IT supplier since 2016, but the company’s latest intranet project marked the start of a new era in the partnership.

‘Our old intranet system had become outdated and had to be replaced. We had had good experiences with Advania before, which made the choice of supplier an easy one’, explains Vahanen’s Communications and Marketing Specialist Tiia Turunen.

Carefully planned collaboration was key to a user-friendly end result

Advania’s experts designed the layout and user interface of the new intranet environment to match Vahanen’s wishes. According to Tiia, Advania delivered on its promises and listened carefully to the customer, which actually made it possible for the new intranet to go live ahead of schedule.

‘Working on the project with Advania’s experts was effortless, enjoyable and dynamic. Advania came up with a schedule that was ideal for us as well as a straightforward budget, which made it easy to keep track of progress’, Tiia explains.

Vahanen’s internal communication policy relies heavily on the intranet, which is why the new solution had to be both fast and user-friendly. In addition to the well-built intranet environment, Tiia is impressed with Advania’s comprehensive customer service concept, which also covers site administration and maintenance.

‘Our new intranet is modern and perfect for our staff thanks to its user-friendliness, visual features and speed. Every piece of information is now easy to find, and Advania takes care of managing the site and updating the software. It is a huge relief for us to know that our intranet is in safe hands’, Tiia concludes.

More demand for a knowledgeable IT partner in the future

For Tiia, the partnership with Advania has felt natural from the start. The intranet modernisation project was a hassle-free experience for Vahanen, and there will be plenty more opportunities for cooperation with Advania in the future.

‘I would absolutely recommend Advania, because they are so great to work with. Advania’s experts truly know their stuff, and their project management competence is of an exceptionally high standard. Working with them has been incredibly easy, and I am sure that we will be using Advania for similar projects in the future’, Tiia says.

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