Advania's cloud platforms have been developed to meet the demanding needs of our customers. We offer modern and comprehensive cloud solutions to support any business functions. 

Our cloud services consist of the most modern technology on the market, that have been productized into easy-to-use, cost-effective and highly secure service packages.

Advania Managed Cloud

Organizing service production for services produced from the public cloud requires resources and special expertise. Azure Managed Cloud is a management service provided by Advania through which Advania secures and provides Customer's Azure service platform enhanced in accordance with best practices. The prepared cloud platform produced from Azure is secure, the digital services produced from it scale according to the Customer's needs and the service is reliable. 

Daily support covers management, maintenance, and centralized proactive monitoring with DevOps support. We offer support 24/7 but as a customer you can decide the service time according to your needs. 

Microsoft Office 365

The world's most popular cloud service, Office 365, is now Microsoft 365. It includes all the features of Office 365 and more. It provides customers with popular Microsoft productivity applications and teamwork tools. Customer information is stored in an intelligent cloud service environment where the information is available regardless of time and place. The protection of the customer environment is implemented with state-of-the-art technology.

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