Contact Center Genesys Cloud Cloud services Customer service 18.01.2024

The reliable Genesys Cloud customer service solution meets the requirements of the emergency response center

Avarn Security is an expert in security technology and offers security services in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The long-standing collaboration between Advania and Avarn took its’ next step when Avarn Security emergency response center and customer service migrated to Genesys Cloud CX customer service solution.

Migration project from the old system to the new one was accomplished quickly and seamlessly. Thanks to the new advanced solution, the emergency response center has successfully streamlined its service and improved the quality of customer experience. Additionally, it has eased the daily work of emergency response center operators.

"Advania provides us with high-quality telephony services through the cloud-based Genesys Cloud CX customer service solution. We offer security services nationwide and, when required by customer needs, also beyond national borders. Genesys Cloud has responded excellently to these needs. Advania assisted us in the implementation of the new system, and they also provide us with all services related to maintaining the environment", says emergency response center operator Atso Merikallio.

Versatile and scalable, Genesys Cloud CX ensures agile customer service

Work at Avarn Security emergency response center is often hectic, as tasks need to be received and forwarded quickly. The innovative Genesys Cloud facilitates the work of customer service agents with intelligent and proactive contact routing.

“Each of our clients has their own requirements regarding contact handling, and the versatile features of Genesys Cloud have excellently met these needs. Additionally, Advania's team has helped customize the solution to best serve our customers. I feel that Genesys Cloud significantly eases our daily work in the emergency response center", summarizes Merikallio.

Annika Ekebom, working as a service supervisor, has also been pleased with the new customer service solution. In the hectic emergency response center, the reliability and user-friendliness of Genesys Cloud are particularly valued.

"The transition to the cloud-based service went smoothly, and the system's reliability has successfully convinced us. Genesys Cloud has been integrated into our operations in the emergency response center and throughout our organization, streamlining and enhancing our workflow", Ekebom explains.

Advania's comprehensive service aims for an exceptional customer experience

Ekebom emphasizes that the best part of the collaboration has been reliability; Advania has actively presented development ideas and kept Avarn Security informed about system-related matters. Through the collaboration, the emergency response center has been able to improve the quality of service and streamline the customer service process.

"Interacting with Advania is easy and natural, and I feel that assistance is always readily available. Through regular meetings, Advania has gained a deep understanding of our customers' needs and has been able to provide even better solutions for the development of our services. I warmly recommend Advania's expert services and especially the Genesys Cloud system to everyone", praises Annika.