Advania delivers a wide range of products and services within IT, and in addition we are nice to shop for. We believe that personal service, good knowledge and a passion for what we do will make it easier for you to choose us.We offer a variety of cloud solutions and services to them and bring you the tools you need to manage your office environment safely and efficiently.

Office 365

Office 365 brings the office environment to the cloud, releasing most of the needs of the online office into one integrated solution that gives you access to the Office package, mail service, data area and a host of solutions that simplify management, teamwork, and corporate communications.



Microsoft Azure

Azure is the foundation of all Microsoft cloud services, and our experts have extensive experience building Microsoft solutions on this solid foundation. Azure scale according to your needs and is well suited for sites that need to withstand the extra stress of individual times. With Azure, you can count on the web site not going down due to stress.

Azure is also suitable for data storage and copying, running virtual servers and databases, development work and much more. With Azure ID, you can connect to many thousands of solutions and have a single sign-on for them. 

IT can all take advantage of Azure, including those who want to install Linux and Open Source solutions, and the best thing is that you pay only for what you use.



Advania Consulting

Advania's experts have significant experience in implementing cloud solutions and environments based on service to our large customer base as well as our own structure. We can help companies assess whether and when it is appropriate to implement cloud solutions into the computing environment.


Why should I look at cloud solutions?

Most IT experts agree that the cloud revolution has long since begun and that cloud services have reached the stage of being able to carry out the tasks of most companies.

The advantage of cloud solutions is above all in simple access, flexibility in the utilization of resources and a cost model based on the customer paying only for what he uses.

In most cases, cloud services are a good addition to business information systems. They can be used with services that are hosted and operated by the company itself - in a so-called "hybrid installation".

Is this safe?

The cloud environment is as different as it is many. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of the environments that Advania is serving or recommending. Consultants can provide a detailed insight into the security of cloud solutions.