School Partner

Together we develop Finland's most important rooms.

School Partner

Creating rooms for learning

The school Partner collaboration guarantees schools access to the best technologies.

Every Finnish pupil deserves the advantages to succeed in the current and future digital society. Therefore we are involved in offering schools access to the best technologies and solutions for diverse learning. Fit-for-purpose technology supports pedagogy and helps teachers and students both in the classroom and digital learning environments. Through us School Partners receive new or used equipment for immediate use.

In the School Partner collaboration we commit to a long-term relationship with schools. Offering Finnish children and young people equal digital opportunties is significant and inspiring for us at Advania. We are present helping where the future of learning is being constructed.

School Partner

Responsibly, cost effectively and reliably

In our School Partner programme we collaborate with the best actors in the field. For example our availability, delivery and price information are realtime. We also propose boldly alternative solutions if they bring an advantage in functionality and which can be measured in euros. We recycle obsolete equipment responsibly in accordance with the latest good practices.

New and used equipment right out of stock

Deliveries in summer 2022

The world is troubled by an acute lack of components and equipment.
We were prepared for this predictively and made equipment procurements upfront. We are able to guarantee deliveries for the coming calendar year.

We have educational equipment and software for the Windows, Google or IOS environments. Our collaboration with Opinsys in high school portables guarantees a large store of reused machines for your usage.

Public projects

Help for the change of operating culture in public projects

The needs and operating models of public projects are known to us. 
With our clients we form a common view of long-term development - not just on an equipment and software level but also change and development from the perspective of operating culture.

We gladly share our knowledge and best practices with municipalities, communal organisations, healthcare circles, universities of applied sciences, colleges, congregations, state departments and the wellness sectors.

Advania is a Hansel-approved contractor in computer joint purchasing and IT consulting.



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