Sophisticated identity and device management in the game industry also protects players
Cyber security IAM 19.06.2023

Sophisticated identity and device management in the game industry also protects players

Supercell – makers of mobile video games such as Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach – has grown quickly since the company’s launch more than a decade ago. The well-known brand attracts a lot of attention in the digital world, including unwanted attention that is forcing Supercell to continuously invest in information security. The company chose Advania to help it to deploy the ‘Zero Trust’ model.

When Finnish mobile game development company Supercell opened its doors in 2010, it had a staff of less than 20 people. Today, the company employs more than 400 professionals and has offices not only in Helsinki but also in San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai.

‘The bigger we become, the more people and devices we need. We had lost track of where everything is. As well as a solution to manage our devices, we wanted an identity management solution with centralised and flexible access management’, explains Supercell’s IT Lead Mats Malmstén.

Advania’s mission is to give its clients increasingly sophisticated information security solutions and to improve the digital experience of its clients’ employees step by step.

‘A good IT system is one that runs in the background and does not interfere with employees’ work. Every employee needs to have access to the applications that they need in their job, and they must be able to access those applications securely wherever they are in the world. This is what the ‘Zero Trust’ access control model is all about’, says Advania’s Head of Digital Workspace Henri Talvitie.

Advania’s identity management solution is provided by Okta, which has awarded Advania the ‘Apex’ badge, representing the highest tier in the Okta Elevate Partner Programme.

Advania is helping Supercell to scale up the use of Okta’s solution so it covers all of Supercell’s employee and partner services. The device management solution is based on VMware Workspace ONE, and the goal is to gradually transition to a model that offers more and more opportunities for remote work.

‘Supercell is a well-known brand, and unfortunately there are people out there who are looking to take advantage of us one way or another. Our employees’ vigilance when it comes to information security is of vital importance for us to be able to keep our services and games safe for everyone’, Malmstén says.

Malmstén is especially pleased with Advania’s flexibility, which is one of Supercell’s most important criteria for its partners.

‘Advania’s experts are straight-talking and always easy to reach. Whatever issue we may encounter in our daily work, we know that Advania will have the answer. We are confident in our choice of partner and look forward to working more and more closely with Advania to improve our information security.’ 

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