What does a ServiceNow Consultant do at Advania?
#LifeatAdvania 16.01.2023

What does a ServiceNow Consultant do at Advania?

Pia Santanen

Pia Santanen

Pia Santanen vastaan Advanialla rekrytoinnista, työnantajakuvasta sekä onboarding- ja exit-asioista.

I interviewed Strategic Platform Architect Elliot West from Advania Sweden.

Elliot joined Advania Sweden about 8 years ago. He is originally from the UK but has lived in Sweden for 15 years. He has enjoyed both Sweden and Advania so much that the journey continues.

At Advania Elliot is now involved in helping customers reach their full potential. He is using his strength to think ahead and strategize and to come up with ideas to develop the best solutions for the customers.

The main reason for Elliot to have stayed at Advania is the culture. He feels it is very free and not bureaucratic. People are respected and treated as professionals, who are given targets, but can figure out their own ways to reach those without too much control. He also mentions that Advania appreciates that people are unique and supports different life situations. Work-life-balance is important, and during free time Elliot enjoys painting and playing darts, honoring his British roots, as Elliot laughs.

Times are interesting for Advania and a lot is changing. Although Elliot feels that overall Advania is a great employer, there are things to develop yet, as in any company. The growth has been very fast and the company is becoming global. The ways of doing things have not yet quite caught up with this, so this is work in progress. Elliot would also love to see even more inclusivity for example in the form of having more female colleagues, so hopefully in the future more ladies will join the company in technical and leading roles. Advania surely is welcoming them!

What comes to the ServiceNow consultant role, Elliot mentions that understanding the bigger picture is important. The person joining the team will help the customers understand what it is that they really need and benefit from. At times this might even require challenging the customers’ initial requests to ensure a better outcome. The task is to “enable the customer to shine and make them brilliant”.

Besides partnering with the customers, the ServiceNow consultants are also responsible for the technical solution starting from the requirements, configuring (or programming, mainly with Javascript) the right tool to documenting everything for the future. This makes it easy for the colleagues taking over to follow what has been done. The goal is to create a long-term solution that really benefits the customer, but also makes Advania proud.

Customers vary from large international customers to smaller companies with a few hundred employees. All industries are represented, but the majority are in manufacturing and public sector.

A few words about Advania Finland: here you get to learn new things and develop yourself. Our culture is very relaxed and open; come as you are! The well-being of our employees is a key priority. To support this, you can work in a hybrid setting remotely and from the office, whatever suits you best. We also have great employee benefits, such as full vacation days for everyone starting and a very comprehensive health care plan. And many many more….

Welcome aboard!

Pia, Talent Acquisition Manager


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