Secure your environment

Protection of
business services

A service designed to protect the new generation of servers and apps.

Protection of business services

The World is changing

Unfortunately different data security threats and attacks have proliferated. Ransomware programs in particular are developing quickly. Unprotected digitalised businesses are vulnerable to serious disruptions.

Advania offers ransomware protection as a service which helps an organisation recover from all cyber attacks in minutes and also corresponds to official guidelines.

Protection of business services

Disaster Recovery

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Advania's Disaster Recovery service duplicates the client's machine room in real time and automatically in data centers located in Finland. The client's services and data are thus safeguarded in another location, a backup environment. 

In an error situation the client's services are switched on in the backup environment to a recovery point before the fault within minutes and our client can continue working normally. 

The service complies with different environments and the backup frequency and data storage can be defined as required. The recovery point interval can be set to as little as 15 seconds. 

Protection of business services

Benefits of the service

  • Services are current and protected in all situations. 
  • Services and their data can be activated from another location in minutes. 
  • The business's data management can easily realise the services' working. 
  • Disaster Recover as a service saves costs compared to investing in one's own Disaster Recovery.