Advania's data center services consist of cloud services produced from Advania's Finnish data centers, to customers' own data center implementations. These services are supported by backup and replication services related to data security, as well as Internet and telecommunications related security services. All our data center services are located in Finland. They are maintained and developed in collaboration with famous domestic and global experts.

HPE's latest technologies support the continuous development of our services

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) brings the latest technologies out through Advania, and through GreenLake, the latest product innovations are always available in our data centers.

We use HPE server and disk storage system technologies. The use of the latest technologies is also reflected in the performance of our services.

Nutanix's and  VMware's new products are also behind our technologies.

For business needs of companies, there is no one and only way to manage datacenter services. The needs and requirements of our customers vary greatly from time to time, and Advania has a long experience of implementing appropriate and cost-effective datacenter services tailored to different business needs.

We help our customers to design and implement the most optimal solution for them.

Special attention has been paid to following services in all of the Advania's data center services

Datacenter services
  1. high level security
  2. services ease of use 
  3. continuous development of services

Our data center services include:

  • Advania's own cloud service in Finland
  • implementations of customers' own data centers
  • cloud service management
  • backup and replication services
  • internet connections
  • Internet publications for applications and services

In all our services, the customer also has access to experts (customer relationship manager and service manager) from Advania, who act to support the customer in the following matters, among others:

  • Report on the operation of the services used by the customer
  • Develop the customer's environment together with the customer
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction with Advania's data center services.

Data security solutions for data center services

  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery (FlexBox - DRaaS)
The backup environment is built entirely as its own "island" alongside the production platform, which is maintained and developed by its own team of experts. The backup environment is high-performance, adaptable, and constantly evolving. The backup system supports the most common operating systems and databases and enables various object-level restores. The assurance system has been awarded by the principal for two years in a row!

Flexbox is a Disaster Recovery service that does not make separate restore points but is based on continuous replication.

Advania Internet

Advania offers its customers fault-tolerant and secure Internet connections as a data center service. The operation and architecture of Internet connections are specifically designed for fault tolerance and security. Internet connections are already secure and various additional services are available, such as a firewall service.

  • Internet connections have been duplicated with different telecom operators, which ensures stable and fault-tolerant operation of the connections.
  • The connections are pre-protected against denial of service attacks.

Advania offers its customers Internet connections from a shared Internet connection, or customers can also choose connections dedicated exclusively to them.

Customer-specific connections are offered at different speeds, always according to the customer's needs.

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